Van ‘t Spit (From The Spit) serves the most succulent rotisserie chicken in Amsterdam. Although they offer a small, selective menu, everything Van ‘t Spit dishes up is prepared so that it is the best it can possibly be. They may not serve a wide range, but what they do is fantastic!

Chicken so delicious you can taste it had a good life!

Van ‘t Spit only serves chicken from “Tante Door”. These are chickens that have been raised in an animal-friendly way. They get to grow up in spacious chicken coops, have a natural day and night rhythm, do not receive any growth hormones or antibiotics and are fed organic food. Everything a happy chicken could wish for. I’d say it is a combination of the happy upbringing these chickens get and the perfect rotisserie cooking methods they use at Van ‘t Spit, that results in the most succulent, mouth watering, tasty chicken I have had in a long time!

You can partner your half or whole rotisserie chicken with a selection of delicious side orders, including organic fries and home made apple mousse and wash it down with a selection of wines, beers and hard liquor. Van ‘t Spit also offers take away after 5pm.

Uncomplicated, cool space

Van ‘t Spit is in a somewhat narrow corner space, with big windows looking out onto the lively streets of De Baarsjes. The interior is uncomplicated and yet cool, with lots of timber a huge welcoming bar and small intimate tables. Service is super friendly and relaxed. it is definitely a lively, popular place and when I was there on a Saturday evening, I felt like I had been lucky to sneak into a groovy eatery in the lower east side of Manhattan. But as soon as I tasted that divine chicken, nothing else in the world mattered…..

Happy chickens raised by animal-friendly Tante Door in Brabant

Van ‘t Spit gets the maximum Conscious rating for animal friendliness due to the fact that the chicken they use comes exclusively from animal friendly farms.

Although we have no specific information on how sustainably they run their restaurant, all furnishings are from natural, untreated materials and they use natural gas to fire their rotisserie.


Van ‘t Spit

Address: De Clercqstraat 95, 1053 AH Amsterdam
WebsiteVan ‘t Spit (NL)

Extra: Organic products Outside