A sandy beach in front of Pllek with half a boat as bench and people sitting relaxed on the beach

Beatroots at Pllek

Every Saturday

It looks like it is going to be a reasonably spring evening. Warm enough to head north and visit Pllek. Every Saturday you can enjoy a “dynamic pick ‘n mix of spicy-fresh sounds”, as Pllek words it themselves. Can’t do Saturday evening or not into ‘spice-fresh sounds’? Start up your Sunday morning in a relaxed way with a yoga workshop at Pllek.

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Poster image of Trump up the Volume

Boom Chicago – Angry White Men: Trump up the volume

19, 20 & 22 May – See agenda for other dates

Boom Chicago just launched their new political comedy show: Angry White men: Trump up the volume. And although we haven’t seen this new show yet, we do know that Boom Chicago’s shows are normally hilarious. Bringing American culture and Dutch culture together in a humorous way.

Read more about the show on the website of Boom Chicago

Conductor Hartmut Haenchen in action

Concerts at Het Concertgebouw

21 & 22 May and every Sunday morning

Het Concertgebouw is the main classical concert hall of Amsterdam. This weekend the Dutch Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra plays music of  Händel and Shostakovich in “War & Peace”. The concert is conducted by Hartmut Haenchen and is on Saturday & Sunday evening. On Sunday morning the Lendvai String Trio, plays Schubert, Sibelius and Röntgen for a wonderful Sunday morning experience.

Check out the concert schedule of Het Concertgebouw